Our inherent motions so callled “primary respiration” are modified by many factors such as nutritional and environmental factors as well as:

Birth strain
Illness and disease
Problems of the muscles and joints
Accidents and trauma, especially at the head and pelvis

As a response to these factors body tissues often respond by contracting. At times this action can become blocked by the body, limiting normal function which may in turn create restrictions.
By making gentle contact with the body through gently placing the hands on key areas of the body these restrictions may be noted. The therapist will also note the intensity of the flow of the breath of life (vital force) too. The therapist may also note the quality of the tissues which may be inflamed, congested, rigid etc. Through recognising their origin the therapist then works with these tensions, giving the body the opportunity to work through these tensions in its own way. The body always wants to be in optimum health, and given the opportunity it will responds. When tensions are released the body’s inherent energy flow starts to improve as the energy used to hold the tension is then released.
This gentle safe therapy may be beneficial for people of all ages and in any state of health or “un”health: from babies to the elderly, after an accident or trauma, both physical and emotional.
By restoring normality to the body the client may feel beneficial changes on all levels in terms of increased energy, well-being and health.

This therapy is often used for specific problems too, some of these are:
Stress or Depression
Joint pains
Jaw problems
Ear problems
Post traumatic problems
Digestive difficulties
……and much more

If you feel that this therapy may benefit you please contact Anne den Ouden D.O., M.R.O.E., on
9637 715 308.


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