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D.O. /M.R.O.E. / M.R.O. /BCS.

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We listen to you, examine you thoroughly, treat you effectively, advise you and liaise and work with other health care professionals, where necessary. Your care is in our hands.

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Services We Offer



Gentle, hands-on treatment to restore optimal health.

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Visceral Osteopathy

Alleviation of functional and structural imbalances throughout the body.

Craniosacral Osteopathy, Costa Blanca Osteopaths

Craniosacral Therapy

Evaluation and enhancement of the craniosacral system

Osteopathy & Self-Healing

What People Say

Melanie Hasler

I received an appointment at short notice while on vacation and was enthusiastic about the medical history, treatment and human nature of Anne den Ouden! I can recommend the Costa Blanca Osteopaths by 100%

Magdalena Konopka, London

Seven months ago, I considered buying a mobility scooter; I could hardly walk and crossing the road was a great effort. My limping got so bad that I looked like a crab, practically walking sideways, and my back pain was constant. Then I met you and since you “put your hands on me” I can run 1km in 12 minutes on my treadmill plus I can do 45 minutes of exercises daily (which you gave me) and, most importantly, I can walk my dog twice daily. I have no words to thank you for all you have done for me. At the age of 75, I started a new life, happy and free of pain, and all this thanks to you.

Michel Baise, Spain

Anne den Houden is one of the nicest person I have met! I have recurring issues with pelvis and shoulders, and she helped tremendously! I have been to other people, but they were not successful. So I can say I enjoy going to see her. Anne has a lovely personality, always interested in you and all you have to say; you really feel at ease with her. I do recommend Anne 100% to everyone I know.

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