Horses too can suffer with neck, back and pelvis problems as well as blockages in the legs and jaw. Dental problems can also affect the mechanics of the horse and may even be noticed in the pelvis. As in humans diet and environment plays an important role as does, of course, the way we ride and the saddle and bit we use. Certain sports can have different effects on the horse; show jumping can strain the shoulders whilst dressage can have an adverse effect on the dorsal spine. Often a horse can take a fall or have some other trauma which may cause structural problems. These problems can produce the most obvious lameness to stiffness and even “bad behaviour”.

Tonia Sheriff is a fully qualified equine osteopath trained in the original french method developed by the founder of equine osteopathy Dominique Giniaux. She applies years of skill in human osteopathy as well as the techniques she has learned to give our equine friends relief and quality of life.


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